The best part about being a member of 865 is knowing that Jesse is behind it. From the gym set-up, to warm-ups and through the tough workouts, you know he has a plan to get his members in shape. It is obvious that he cares about his gym and about you.
David J.
Lenoir City
I’ve grown stronger both physically and mentally since beginning Crossfit. I have a new appreciation for my body and what it can accomplish. I am excited to see improvements as I continue my fitness journey and I am grateful for the awesome coaches and friends at Crossfit 865.
Kristi Plumlee
I absolutely love this gym! I am one of the original 865:30am peeps. Everyone is so supportive and we encourage each other inside and outside the box, we are like family! Not to mention, I have gained a new sense of confidence about myself by working out here at Crossfit865.
Christina H.
Lenoir City

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