“After a challenging pregnancy and adjusting to life with twins, I decided in the Summer of 2014 that it was time to get serious about the quality of my health and life because I needed it for me; I needed it for my family.  I exercised sporadically but with no consistent dedication, and I felt terrible about myself.  I had heard of “CrossFit” and all the good, bad and scary, but thought “why not”?  If my legs and arms bulked up like the Incredible Hulk it had to be a shape better than the one I was in.  (Fortunately, this is not what has happened in 3 years).  I looked into several locations and found CrossFit 865 because the early class time was what I needed for my busy life….

To say, I was nervous and perhaps a little intimidated that first week would be an understatement. But from the very first day, I was made to feel welcome by all of the coaches and members. The encouragement is second to none. I truly feel that the coaches WANT to see me succeed. They know my physical limits and push me through my mental ones. It’s that encouragement from them and the other athletes that make me stronger, more confident, and empowered. It’s a place where I have found great friendships, and I have been inspired by others. Everyone at CrossFit 865 truly care about each other, our community, and supporting outreach programs far beyond its concrete walls. It is an awesome feeling to be a part of something that challenges me to be a better person in so many ways.”

– Sonya M. Smoak, O.D, F.A.A.O.

“In November 2014 I came to CrossFit 865.  I was intimidated and scared.  I was not the oldest person here, but I was the fattest and the least fit.  That’s ok.  I had always been interested in the CF concept and at that time I had already lost 30 pounds, and I wanted to give it a try.  I was very focused on my health, and I knew I needed more than just eating right and losing weight.  I committed (to myself) to do 3x per week for 6 weeks before making any decision.  I knew to give it a fair chance I needed more than a few WO…. And not let the intimidation send me running away.
In my 2nd week I came 4x per week.  I joined on November 21st, 2014. And I never stopped coming…

So, roll forward to present….
I met my weight goal of 115 in December 2015.
I threw away my blood pressure Rx in the spring 2016.
Yes, I scale a lot of things in my WO. I sometimes scale the scale. That is ok. I know I don’t have to worry about Rx. I’m proof of that. I just do what I can do.
I have done 3 Spartan Sprint Races, 2 5K Mud Runs, an Inflatable 5K, and 2 GORUCK Light Challenges. Granted, I needed a team for Spartan Sprint. That’s ok. (I don’t want to come across stronger than I really am.) Yet, my fitness is the best it has ever been and I am 58 years old.
Words cannot express my feelings of gratitude for CrossFit 865 and your coaching, your care, and the concern you show me and every member and visitor at the Box.
The best advice I can give anyone in their journey: do not stop…. You might fall off your eating plan, you get back on…. If you miss a week working out, get back to the Box.”

– Beth Mencer

“I started CrossFit in Jan 2016 and it’s been a very fulfilling and fun journey. You don’t only get to meet new people, you get to know how to challenge your limits, you learn that fear is ok and you can overcome it. Workouts are always different which makes it fun because “you never know what you’re gonna get” and most important of all, I love CrossFit 865 because it feels like a big family, you will see a big mix of ages and styles, everyone takes care of each other, especially our coaches who are always looking for good form and posture, they know us individually and advise us accordingly, I never hear of major injuries and I am sure is because they are always alert…

I never thought or saw myself doing crazy things like Spartan Races and I have already done two and participated in a CrossFit competition recently and did the Open 2017, all because I feel empowered by the good vibe out of this box.”

– Oly Cumpian

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